Catalytic Converter Recycling Is Important!

Beginning in 1975, the EPA required that new automobiles have catalytic converters installed as a significant component of the emission system for air pollution restrictions. The purpose of a catalytic converter is pollution control. Catalytic converters convert dangerous and toxic emissions to harmless gasses. Rather than pollutants going into the air, safe compounds are released from the emission system. Every vehicle in the United States is mandated to have a catalytic converter installed as an emission control device to reduce the toxic gases produced by the vehicles exhaust system.

As a result of the number of automobiles, buses, trucks, trains, and motorcycles on the road, the demand for catalytic converters has increased. Due to the composition of a catalytic converter, it is profitable to recycle. Converters contain significant amounts of platinum, palladium, and rhodium that can be extracted and sold for profit. Owners of scrap converters can sell their converter to recycling companies for cash. These companies remove the precious metals for recycling because of value and demand of precious metals.  By recycling your catalytic converter, this beneficial act puts money in your pocket and is a plus for the environment.  Catalytic converter recycling just makes sense to keep our air clean and reduce the scrap in our landfills. Visit the top recycler online, Converter Guy for more information.

Recycling Catalytic Converters Helps The Environment

There are many firms in the  United States as well as throughout the world that recycle automotive parts particularly catalytic converters. The purpose is two-fold. First, a catalytic converter contains precious metals that can be extracted from a catalytic converter and sold. The recycling companies efficiently remove the precious metals from the converter. Individuals who own scrap converters are paid market price. Both the recycling company and the owner benefit. But perhaps the most significant winner for all of us is the environment. Protecting our environment is beneficial for everyone.  By recycling your catalytic converter, you are doing your part of maintaining a clean environment.